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venus planet  goes Retrograde. You may be more comfortable using Mercury Retrograde. However Venus Retrograde operates in the same manner, with a shadow period and turning direct. Technically speaking, we’ve been under the Venus shadow period as this end of June, when Venus was from Leo. Venus has been moving toward Virgo, albeit gradually, and enters Virgo on July 18th. Nevertheless, soon after this, Venus formally stations Retrograde from Virgo on July 25th. Venus will continue travelling backwards, even if That will until she reaches all this way back from Leo on July 31st. venus planet

Then, Venus will station directly from Leo on Sept 6, and keep picking up speed until she enters Virgo and leaves this shadow zone of this Retrograde on October 9th. I know know this is a lot to be taken, going back and forth between signals! – These are the essential points you need to remember.venus planet

venus planet

However, Venus is the planet which rules beauty and aesthetics, finances and money, and what we find value in. With Venus being retrograde and guide movement, issues tied to these topics might have setbacks, and you may discover that reassessments of those mentioned above are required.venus planet

Avoid making major decisions from any of those areas, like entirely new cosmetic treatments or new financial decisions until after Venus Would Be operating at full speed in October. Also, it should be worth remembering that past lovers might suddenly come back into your life at this time.

If you should get a haircut, for instance, stick with your usual. This isn’t the most favourable moment for dramatic or new efforts concerning your looks or your money, you know?

Additionally, you have to contemplate the Venus in Virgo Component that plays in this.

venus planet

Venus from Leo loves attention, drama, and flash, while Venus from Virgo is a lot more modest and unassuming, and at times even critical.

venus planet

Venus being retrograde and direct motion in both signs can rapidly turn attention seeking individual into an egotistical maniac. So this best solution is to work using the energy you’ve. Retrogrades are beautiful times to reexamine, so instead of attempting to make a whole lot of new moves.

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